Kanha National Park in India – Things to See and Do

Situated in Banjar and Halon Valleys in Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park is one of the biggest and most popular national tiger reserves in India. It is one of the India’s finest tiger reserves noted for varied and rich flora and fauna. Spread over 940 square kilometre in a horse shoe shape valley, the park presents varied topography and rich flora and fauna. It is a really perfect place in India for wildlife trip, wildlife tourism, nature safari, and adventure tourism. It attracts a significant number of tourists and wildlife fans throughout the whole world with a substantial population of royal Bengal tigers, leopards, panthers, jungle cats, sloth bear, stags, antelopes, and Indian wild dogs. Along with the lush sal and bamboo jungles, lush meadows, and narrow valleys of Kanha never fail to impress nature lovers.

National Parks in India

The Kanha Park, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of India, is widely known for a substantial population of tigers, leopards and Indian wildlife puppies. There are over 125 tigers in Kanha. There are approximately 80 leopards from the park. There are over 350 Indian wild dogs at the park. In addition, there are more than 100 slot bear in the park. Rare Indian wolves can also be located in the park. The park has about 20,000 chitals. Other commonly found animals in the jungle of Kanha are deer, sambar, grey langur, wild boar, gaur, barahsingha, black bucks, chousingha, blue bull, golden jackals, Bengal fox, little civets, gray mongoose, ruddy mongoose, leopard cats, pangolins, Indian porcupine, Indian hare, striped hyenas, jungle cats, etc… Watching the senses activities of those wild creatures is a distinctive exciting and joyous experience of life. You will certainly love to see these wildlife attractions of Kanha – among the most popular and rich wildlife sanctuaries in India.

There are two ways researching the Forest of national parks in india one of the most popular. The most preferred way to enjoy the jungle wildlife and beauty attractions of Kanha is jeep safari. Elephant safari is another choice to enjoy the charm of jungle of Kanha wildlife refuge and tiger reserve in India. Jeeps and elephants are the most suitable and popular means for wildlife safari in India and various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India. You may choose one of two choices – jeep safari or elephant. Assessing the jungle in open jeep or financing on the back of elephant is a one of a kind and cheerful wildlife tourism experience that will last forever. You will surely have an exceptional wildlife tourism experience in the Kanha national tiger book. If you wish to treasure authentic charm of India wildlife tours, then you should visit Kanha refuge at least one time your lifetime.